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Change tab title (document title)

I am looking for a way to change the tab title. ObservableHQ currently shows the title of the notebook, but would be great to be able to modify it with JS.

The old fashion “window.document.title = ‘my new title’” is just not working.

Any suggestion?

I’m afraid you’re out of luck. The actual notebook code runs inside a sandboxed iframe that cannot alter its parent page in any way.

To quote @tom:

Yep, Observable runs user JavaScript code, but that code has no access to your login credentials or anything from the ‘application’: user code runs in a sandboxed iframe on a separate host - host that doesn’t have any cookies or user information. The application communicates with that iframe host through serialized postMessage information only. That’s the gist of the ‘user code’ portion - the rest of the application has additional layers of best-practice security like very strict content security policies and so on that defend from other kinds of attacks.


There’s not currently a way to do this.

But we would like to understand why you would want to do this. It might be something we could add support for if there is a compelling use case.

Maybe useful for embedded notebooks?