Bug report: first publish don't take name from markdown title of the notebook

If i start a new notebook, start adding cells, change the title and then hit publish the url I get is untitled with an index I guess of my total untitled notebook: https://beta.observablehq.com/@adidi/untitled/10.

only if i change the title on the start and then hit publish I get the right url (derives from my title)

One more thing, in my public list (from header menu -> Notebooks -> public) I always see “untitled” in the title section of the notebook even though I got different url with the correct title

Awesome work btw - this tool is just amazing !

Hi Adiel,

Looks like these notebooks have the title in a cell at the bottom. Observable takes the title from a cell that’s

  1. Markdown
  2. The first cell in the notebook

If you can keep the first cell the title by clicking the + below the first cell instead of above, or moving the cells, or using option-enter to add cells below the first cell instead of above, then the title detection should work properly.


Hi Tom

Unfortunately it’s not working and this is the actual bug I reported on.

  1. create a new notebook
  2. add a cell right above the md cell (md cell is still last)
  3. add some content to the cell
  4. change md title to some text
  5. press publish -> you get untitled

only this works:

  1. create a new notebook
  2. immediately change the title and hit publish
  3. start add/editing cells


I think there’s still some confusion:

add a cell right above the md cell (md cell is still last)

The md cell needs to be first, not last - it needs to be at the top, not the bottom. For example, most of the featured notebooks you’ll see have the title at the top.

Got it :slight_smile:

This is why it worked me if i set it on the beginning.

Can you answer me about the other problem? in my public notebooks list (menu → notebooks → public)
I always see untitled as the title of the notebook even though they have different one

Thank you very much

Sure, that’s the same issue - if the title is detected, it both sets the URL and shows up in the notebook listing: your last notebook that includes a title at the top also has its correct title included: