Can't fork a shared private notebook

A friend shared a private notebook with me, and I’d like to introduce changes only on my own copy. However, I can’t see the fork button anywhere [1], and when I click the fork option on the notebooks page, it fails with 404 [2]. I don’t know how to proceed. Thanks for the help.


(can’t embed this one, but you can imagine it)

Ah, yes. Unfortunately, we do not allow forking a privately shared notebook, which is why you don’t see that option. However, it does sound like you may have highlighted a bug in that we apparently show that option in the notebooks listing page (with a resulting 404 error). We will look into that.

The reasoning for not allowing forking of privately shared notebooks is that it would allow the person it was shared with to fork and expose the notebook to others without the original author’s consent. We want to preserve the visibility of the shared notebook to what the original author intended.

We do also realize that it would be nice to tinker with the notebook without actually changing the shared notebook (which is probably what you were trying to do…). That is something we are considering, but that ‘mode’ of editing is not currently possible.

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Thank you very much for your timely response, Cobus. You’re totally right about the use case.

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Confirmed that the menu item in the notebook listing screen is a bug. I filed it. Thanks for raising this problem.