Feature request: allow sharing/collaboration in draft mode

I was talking with a colleague and we wanted to collaborate on a workbook, but realized there were perhaps two issues preventing us from doing so:

  1. We’d have to make it public first (can’t seem to share private notebooks) but we don’t want our work to show up on the homepage/recent changes on every change until we’re ready
  2. We’re wondering how it would work to pair program (think Google Sheets/Docs with multiple cursors)

I think #1 could be really useful and hopefully not too hard to implement
#2 would likely be hard to implement, but a really cool feature

Just some ideas to consider. Thanks!


Hi John.

Nothing specific to announce now — but we’re highly aware of how useful and convenient it would be to collaborate on shared private notebooks, and to do so live, with real-time edits. We’re working on the problem.

For a taste of the infrastructure that’s already in place, try logging in on two different computers, and editing the same draft notebook on each, simultaneously. Although we don’t yet have a good “presence” UI for what the other cursor is up to … you’ll see the changes reflected immediately across sessions.


I have to publish to get proof reads from pals… Would be nice if I didn’t have to.

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current workflow:

  • create draft, do my best, publish it
  • give to a few friends
  • update notebook
  • repeat
  • when done, fork notebook
  • ensure title and url are what is newest, publish
  • share out to world