Suggestion forks

Once you start editing another user’s notebook, the option to create a Suggestion appears under the three dot “ellipsis” menu. If you do so, a shared fork is automatically created.

What becomes of that fork? In particular, if I grab embed code from that fork, can I expect that it will continue to run reliably, as I do for my own shared notebooks?

I doubt that it matters, but here is the specific fork that I’m thinking of doing this for:

My understanding is that shared forks created via suggestions behave exactly like any other shared notebook with regard to embedding, importing, etc.


Also possibly important: suggesting automatically triggers a change in your forked notebook from private to shared. (Your post implies this but just to be clear)

As @bgchen noted, my understanding is that the fork is like any other shared notebook. The fact it is a fork is irrelevant. It will work as if you created it from scratch and then shared.

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