Bug: A notebook was completely reset

Notebook 6d08b1f99b2c9f4b contained 5 or 6 cells and was shared. When I re-opened my computer it was private, almost empty (it had only 2 cells, one with “Untitled” and one empty), and its history was gone.

Not a big deal for me, as I was able to write it again with a few copy/paste.

From my browser history: notebook created around 10:52 (French time) and found empty around 11h47.

Weird. I had nearly the same thing happen around the same time. I discarded the URL of the draft that got rolled back, but have another notebook that I got locked out of entirely. I wrote in using feedback email about the locked notebook - wish I had saved the other URL.

We are investigating an issue where changes to new notebooks are not saved until you reload. Please standby. You can workaround the issue by reloading after making your first edit to a new notebook.

Perhaps related: There’s a flood of /document/undefined/comments WS requests on unsaved notebooks.

Yes, that’s related.

This bug should be fixed now, and /new notebooks should again be saving correctly when first created.

The glitch was my fault — created while trying to address a semi-related issue yesterday, so please direct any ire and opprobrium at me.

Going forward, we’re going to upgrade our integration testing system and practices around what appear to be “small fixes” like this one was supposed to be.