Lost edits - Hanging

Lost edits of a draft notebook a couple of times! The message “Saving” showing in LL corner. Nothing to do but close… and start over! Perhaps an explicit save or option to download code as a backup?

Chrome Version 63

Sorry for the inconvenience! There’s a known issue we are investigating that can cause the editor to stop saving; we hope to deploy a fix early next week.

In the meantime, if you ever get stuck with the “Saving…” spinner, the recommended workaround is to open your draft notebook again in a separate tab (on macOS, Command-Return ⌘↩︎ on the address bar), and then copy-and-paste any changed cells from the stuck notebook to the new tab.

We’re also working on some improvements to the editor that will make it more robust to these sorts of failures, so that even if you refresh the page after it fails to save, it will restore your unsaved edits from localStorage and re-apply them.

And yes, we’re also planning on a way to export (download) your notebook as a standalone file. But we also want the editor to be rock-solid. We’ll keep you posted with improvements!

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Got it. Have a nice weekend