Unable to save changes

I’ve been getting this error several times while I was working today. Is this a problem with my notebook?

I also don’t see any errors in the Chrome console and it typically goes away after reloading, but I lost code a couple of times when I forgot to copy it before reloading.

Hi Nacho,

Amanda from Observable Engineering here. Hope you are doing well.

We’ll investigate the issues you are seeing and will reply here with any resolution or if we need your help with any additional information.


  • Amanda

Hi Nacho,

When you lost changes, is it possible you were editing the same notebook in multiple tabs or mulitple browsers or editing the notebook collaboratively with someone else?

Also, is this just an issue with a single notebook or multiple notebooks. If it’s just one, is it OK if you share the URL with us? Our support team won’t have access to the notebook, but will be able to see activity against it in our logs.

In order to debug this issue, it would be helpful for us to understand where you are connecting from? We have experienced a small number of issues related to connections made to our backend through a few ISPs and getting a broader picture would help us troubleshoot.



It may be better to take the specifics offline to our support@observablehq.com email so that you don’t have to share all this information publicly, Nacho. Just presenting this as an option.

Thanks for your help, @Amanda.

I wasn’t. I had a single window open and it was just me.

I had other notebooks open, but this is the only one I was actively making changes to: https://observablehq.com/d/e1a5a0fce5cded5c

I’m connecting from Spain and I was using a VPN (in case it’s relevant).

Thanks, @Cobus. It’s okay for now.

Hi Ncaho,

Thanks for the additional information, we’re continuing to investigate. As @Cobus suggests, if you’d prefer we can move this conversation to email.



I’m going to track investigation of this using feedback#475. Feel free to follow along there or if you have any information that could help reproduce this reliably, please add it there.

OK! We think we finally narrowed this down to an extension which blocks usage of the Page Visibility API, which the client state machine depends upon to reawaken after changing tabs. @nachocab do you happen to have any extensions which could be disabling that?

Thanks for your help, Visnu.

I’m using the Brave browser (with Shields down for https://observablehq.com/) and the uBlock Origin extension (also disabled for https://observablehq.com/). I don’t think there are any others, but I’ll report back if I come across this again.