Update bio when it changes on github?

It looks like my bio was pulled from GitHub when I signed up and isn’t automatically updated when I change it there, and I don’t see a way to edit it on Observable. Mind changing it to my current GitHub bio? I decided to remove my message about freelance work because I haven’t got any messages and think it might be off putting. Also I am still working on my bio, so it would be nice if it were to automatically update or be editable. Finally until a few minutes ago I didn’t have a GitHub bio, so maybe it updates when it’s changed but not when removed?

Hi Ben,

How this currently works is that every time you log in, your homepage, name, and bio are updated from GitHub. But we have a cookie on Observable that lasts a long time, so you don’t have to re-log in very often, if ever.

But, this won’t matter - very soon we’ll make it possible to edit your name, URL, and bio on the site. Should be… well, making public deadline promises is always a bad idea - but let’s say a few days from now.


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That worked! Thanks!

Update: you can now change your bio, name, and URL on Observable itself - just click ‘Settings’ under the user menu, or from your user profile page.

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