Changing username


I signed up with Github and did not realize it would automatically use that username. Would nicce if there was a way to change it.

Hey William,

Sorry - at this point, there isn’t a way to change usernames on Observable. Because people are able to import code from each others notebooks, we have a similar policy to npm - usernames are immutable.

It’s a bit of a wait, but we’ll eventually support signing up with just an email address, and we’ll make usernames configurable (at signup) then.

ok, got it. thanks for the update. One last question. Since I have only made one demo notebook can I just delete my account and recreate it?

Context: I changed my username on GitHub so if I make a new account will it change on observable

I am in the same boat. I changed my GitHub username after I signed up on Observable, and the Observable profile still shows the old GitHub username and links to a 404 page on GitHub now with the old username. I tried the sign up process again but the old username continues to show in Observable. Any way to delete the account on Observable and set it up again with the new GitHub username would be helpful.

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