Unable to change email address

I’m unable to change the email address on my account to my work account. I change it in the UI, receive the email in my inbox as expected, and click on the link. Every time I receive a message to the effect that “The confirmation link you followed may have already been used, or was issued for another user. The email attached to your account has not been changed.”

I’m signed in via Github and both my work and personal addresses are listed on my Github profile, but the personal one is stuck there for whatever reason.

I’ve tried a million different permutations of being logged out, logging in and out again, different browsers, even Curl. Is this a bug, or what?

It’s important because there’s some SSO stuff attached to my work email address. I can’t correctly authenticate to data sources, and we think this might be the reason why.


Hey Atlee,

To get to the bottom of this more expeditiously, please email us at support@observablehq.com, mentioning the Observable login(s) and email addresses you’re trying to use. We’ll take a look right away.

(And then post back here later, if it does turn out to be a bug…)

As Atlee guessed, it was a bug on our end.

A fix has been deployed, and email change confirmations should be working as expected now…