Can no longer login!!

I’m a long-time user of Observable. I created my account originally with my GitHub account. Today I logged in to StackOverflow, again using my GitHub account. But it said something strange about already being logged in and took me to StackOverflow. But since then I can’t get to my Observable account. When I click on the GitHub option it just takes me back to the opening page. I’ve lots of notebooks. How do I get back to them!

And even more bizarre, this forum post knows my login so it thinks I’m logged in. But it won’t let me see my notebooks.

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing some login difficulties. Are you still having issues?

We suggest that you should first try clearing their Observable cookies by opening the developer tools tab, picking Application, then Cookies, then delete all of their Observable cookies.

Something else to try would be to log in and out of GitHub.

If none of that works please send the time you exact time you last tried to login to your account to and we will look into this further.

Still having issues. I logged in and out of both GitHub and StackOverflow. and empty caches. That changed behavior a little. Clicking on Continue with GitHub allows me to enter my email and pw, but then it briefly shows an Observable screen before quickly changing to the default landing page. When I then try again, it won’t even give me the email/pw box but instead immediately reverts to the landing page.

I’ve written to support twice, once last night and once this morning and I have had no reply.

You may want to try logging in via a private / incognito window. That way you can ensure that all your caches will be empty.
If that should not work for you either, you will at least have helped the Observable team to narrow down the possible causes.