UI issue: share button

When hitting return on the “share link” dialog, the dialog closes without sharing. I was expecting the “blue” button (share) to be the default action.

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I guess it’s a question of focus. When the dialog initially pops up, the “X” close button in the upper right is in focus. You can tab a couple of times to bring the “Enable link sharing” button into focus; then, hitting return works as expected. I agree that it might be more appropriate for the “Enable link sharing” button to be initially in focus but there might also be some reason in the consistency/accessibility domain to prefer the current behavior.

Thanks for the report. I was under the impression that we already fixed this, but apparently not, so I’ve reopened the bug and we’re investigating.

Yup, pardon the delay! Had fixed this in code several days ago, but just deployed it now in a batch of other small fixes. If you try again, please let us know if it still doesn’t work for you.