Feature Request: Prioritize link sharing over publishing in the UI

Proposal: Make link sharing the the default action, replacing “publish”. Alternatively display buttons for both actions.


  • I would argue that sharing a notebook link is a much more common action than publishing.
  • I’m seeing more and more indications that people are not aware of the link sharing option and publish their notebook even though they only meant to share it with a selected few.

And speaking of workflows, it would seem desirable to share a link to an update of a published notebook prior to publishing the update. But at the moment a share link can only be created if the notebook hasn’t been published yet.

I believe the intended workflow is to create a fork, coordinate via that fork and then merge the changes back in, but

  • it seems to be an artificial limitation, given that link sharing would still fit in (at least conceptually)
  • I’m not sure if the merge feature is up to the task yet, especially since it creates a lot of copies that have to be managed and manually removed.
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