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To Do List

Product idea - a way to organize “To Do” notebooks, so that I can see all the notebooks I want to create. I typically create a new notebook for a topic I want to do, then add it to a “To Do” collection, but I don’t like that process as it’s creates these blank notebooks that if I miss adding it to the collection, I forget about it. Would be cool if there was a way to have a “To Do” list that allowed me to write down ideas for notebooks (then maybe some nifty way when I do want to start working on it to auto-create a notebook with that items title.)

Writing tests for these “To Do” notebooks would be fun too…

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I do much the same thing you do! I have a “Placeholder prompts” collection for ideas I haven’t even started, and then move them to a “WIP” collection once I’ve made some progress. On larger projects, I have a todo cell in each notebook, and I import that cell to a meta tracking notebook.

A couple features we’ve wished for that might help:

  • A button to create a new notebook in a collection from the collection page!!
  • Wikipedia-style “redlinks” that create a notebook with the given name when clicked
  • Faster, denser, more informative, more filterable notebook listings, so that you don’t lose the things you never added to a collection
  • Specifying which cell should be the notebook thumbnail, so that you could peek at a list inside the notebook from notebook listings
  • Private cells within a public notebook, so you can publish the notebook while keeping some things to yourself

The private cells in a public notebook would be :basketball: :basketball: :basketball: