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Feature request: create Collections by other users


.@mike & @tom I know you’ve mentioned that you will eventually add notebooks hashtaging for better notebook surfacing beyond the keyword search which currently pulls in lots of mostly same clones and forks.

When can we start creating Collections or sprinkle our notebooks with hashtags to surface other good reads?


I’m curating my own list @ https://beta.observablehq.com/@fil/cool-observable-notebooks


nice! I still wish we could create our own permalink collections or hashtag notebooks beyond just creating a master collection notebook on subjects or code snippets we like or working on.


.@Fil in the meantime, I think I’ll follow your lead and just create my own curated master notebook collections for some of the dataViz subjects I’ve been exploring on observable.

.@tom Question: is there an easy way to reference a notebook with the thumbnail display similar to how this forum site does when notebooks are linked?


also I like the curated ObservableHQ collections like https://beta.observablehq.com/collection/visualization

but they are a tad too d3 heavy if you ask me