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Private notebooks organizing problems


As notebooks count grows, it’s harder to find the notebook you want

It would be good if

  • User would have possibility to include private (not yet shared) notebooks into collections
  • Notebooks in my profile to have pagination with the option to choose how many notebooks we want to see (standard component) - In this case, we could leverage native browser ‘find’ - ctrl+f component


  • Include private notebooks in search, if this search is initiated by the current user

How to add an unpublished notebook to a collection?

It seems I can’t add a notebook that’s unpublished to a collection. The option isn’t available in the menu that appears when clicking the “…” button on the notebook page. I have a notebook I want to keep private and add to a specific collection for my team. Is there any way to add it to a collection?


Not yet; collections are currently for showcasing public notebooks, but I expect we’ll add support for private collections (or other ways of organizing private notebooks) in the near future.