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Feedback on the "create a new notebook" feature

I like the new notebook feature - I think it’s a step in the right direction. However I have some feedback about it I want to share here - which I hope is the right forum for such feedback.

I do all my work on my laptop, and as such I don’t necessarily have the same screen space as someone who’s got a nice big desktop screen. The new “create a new notebook” view looks like this to me:

As you can see - after hitting “new” I am presented with several choices which is good, but “Cancel” and “Create Notebook” are offscreen.

  • Can you make the dialog “fit” a given screen so there’s not a “double scrolling” experience? ( One to scroll inside the dialog, Two to scroll the page to get to the ‘create notebook’ button )
  • Could you put the buttons at the top as well?
  • Could you allow “double clicking” on at boilerplate to select it and create the notebook? ( Much like you might see in an application )
  • At the top is the most basic templates, could you add a Category for “recently used” templates, since folks probably use the same ones over and over, and if one of the ones they use is far down on the list, they’ll have to scroll each time.
  • Thank you for fixing the missing close “x” and clicking out of the dialog to dismiss! I see that seems to be fixed today :slight_smile:
  • If I’m on a team - I may want to see a “Team Templates” section unique to my group.