feature: make the "new" button open a new tab

I often want to create a new notebook based on a current one, but not fork it.

Then I click “new” on the top right corner which will replace the current notebook view with a blank document.

I would argue that a “new document” button should open a new window/tab as default. Or at least, that is what I expect it to do - like “file>new file” in a code editor.

Another option would be to allow something like shift+new to open a new tab.

Or in the modal a second button “create notebook in new tab”

On macOS you can command-click the new button for this (or the create notebook button in the new notebook modal). I believe the non-macOS keyboard modifier for the same is ctrl.

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On windows I can confirm that ctrl + “create notebook” will open a new tab.
I didn’t try this on the create notebook button.

Perhaps it might make sense to replace the button element with a link element to make this feature more easily discoverable?

The functionality is there, just not we’re I was expecting it.
Suggestion: allow a new tab on Ctrl+“new” too

But yes, using hrefs would could make thinks easier (default click on scroll wheel for new tab eg)
…probably not because the onclick event is captured anyway :smiley_cat:

You should be able to Ctrl-click the “+ New” button though?

If not, that’s an oversight in https://github.com/observablehq/feedback/issues/148

Ha, it turns out it is the windows-key + new that works for “New” as a new tab.
I have made a comment in the issue