[solved] vega-datasets blocked by AdBlock

I’m trying to browse some vega-lite tutorials, but it seems that any of them that use vega-datasets seem to have problems importing the data. e.g., https://observablehq.com/@uwdata/introduction-to-vega-lite

gives me a

cars = TypeError: Failed to fetch


cars = data['cars.json']() 

Any other notebook that I try to view that attempts to access vega-datasets seems equally buggy. Any ideas? I don’t know if this is a browser, observable, or vega problem and don’t know how to proceed to debug it yet. Suggestions appreciated.


I’m not having any trouble with that notebook.

Do you see any messages in your browser’s dev console when you re-run that cell? It should be attempting to fetch from https://vega.github.io/vega-datasets/data/cars.json: make sure you can access that URL and it’s not getting blocked by some adblock extension or something. You can also check the “Network” tab of your browser’s dev tools to see if anything looks wrong.

Thank you! Indeed it was an adBlock extension/local browser issue. Thanks for the suggestion.

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