Arquero. TypeError Failed to fetch

Hello I have this notebook published: Exploring Apple Mobility Data of G7 Countries 🗺️ / Suraj Rai / Observable

It was loading fine yesterday, however on loading today all my visualisations seem to be broken as the data isn’t being loaded in? I wonder if it’s something I’m doing or any of my functions post this cell?

Any help much appreciated!

I have no clue, but it’s working for me

Maybe the console (F12) and the network tab give some information about the request error

Thanks @Severo! So odd here is what I’m seeing, index-16786c93.js:7 Unrecognized feature: ‘vr’.

Is the rest of the notebook working for you? I’m on chrome.

The Unrecognized feature: ... warnings are always present (to me, al least), they are not the cause of your error. You might filter the “warning” level messages out, so that we see if there is an error (red).

Also: could you focus on the Network tab and reload, so that we see if the request to the CSV file fails and with which error message

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Thanks again ok it seems you’re right the CSV file fails, also when I try to open it it seems to never complete.


I have no idea about the reason. Maybe you can try to open the same notebook in different browsers, being logged in and out, and if you can: from different network providers or through a proxy, to understand which configurations work or not.

Maybe also try to “Disable cache” in the network tab options