notebook crash

When I go to with Firefox, connected as Fil, or Chrome in an anonymous window, everything is fine. But when I load it on Chrome, connected as Fil, or not connected, it crashes. I have no idea what to try now…

Works fine in my chrome (mac os)

Hey Philippe,

Digging into this error (in Chromium) and it looks like Failed to fetch indicates a network error - that our CORS configuration didn’t get across, or the network connection was unsteady, or possibly something in the middle truncated a response. I’ll keep digging for a potential issue on our end, but in the meantime can you check whether the failure occurs when you’re logged in with Firefox, and maybe try disabling any Chrome extensions that might be interrupting or modifying any requests?



The culprit was which was apparently garbled in the local cache (the ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED error in the console). Force reloading it solved the issue.

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