WebGL error when using Observable-Jupyter

Hi, we’re using the project observable-jupyter to embed WebGL visualizations generated on Observable into a Jupyter notebook. Here is an example

Colab notebook: Google Colaboratory

ObservableHQ notebook: Clustergrammer-GL / Nicolas Fernandez / Observable
(specifically Google Colab)

However, we are seeing a WebGL error on one of our computers running Chrome that says:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Failed to create WebGL context: Web page caused context loss and was blocked

We do not see the error on this computer when running Firefox. Based on my reading of [Chrome’s code] (third_party/blink/renderer/modules/webgl/webgl_rendering_context_base.cc - chromium/src - Git at Google) it sounds like Chrome is blocking the creation of a new WebGL context because contexts were lost previously. Does anyone know how to go about fixing this error?


I am sorry for the inconvenience. That library was built by another user of Observable, it is something we don’t maintain/support here at Observable. The author however used to work here at Observable. I would advise you to reach him directly to get your questions answered. His name is Tom Ballinger and this is his webpage

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Thanks @kudakwashe, we were unable to reproduce the problem but will look into it more.

@kudakwashe the observable-jupyter library has been working great for us in general :smiley: here’s a post where we show some examples of what we can use it for. Also, from my understanding since it uses Observable’s embed it should be a stable approach. Thanks for your help!