Student - New to Observable (File Not Found)

Hello all. Thank you for your assistance. I am just trying out Observable and am running into problems loading a csv file. I followed the explanation Here: Getting Data into a Notebook / Weiprecht | Observable ( But for some strange reason the file is not being recognized. Here are the steps I took:
1- attached the file in the file pane.
2 - method1: copied the usage code (then ran the code) data = Error: File not found: michelin@4.csv
3 - method2: insert into notebook

I have tried multiple csv files that run in p5.js, python, r, and sql just fine. How do I fix this issue?

Strangely enough when I tried downloading the data using a starter template rather than a blank template it worked. Any idea what is happening? Does it have something to do with the setup in a new notebook with a blank template?

Your notebook is currently private. Can you please make it public (or unlisted) via the share button in the top right?