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select and delete multiple cells?

Hello there!

I usually end up creating a notebook after many rounds of revision during which I spend quite a bit of time manually deleting cells. Is there something in the “next” edition that allows me to select multiple cells for deletion at a time? I feel like I’m missing something obvious so apologies there if that happens to be the case.


CMD + backspace will delete a cell and move the cursor to the previous. CMD + A will select everything.

So I start at the bottom and alternate both of those rapidly to delete many cells. Would love a better way. The real time sink for me is moving multiple cells from one part of the page to another. sometimes I delete them and paste them but even that is super slow.

Hi @tomlarkworthy

Glad to know I’m not alone on this one. I really hope something also comes down from on high that helps with shifting sections up and down as you mention.

My new work around is to switch it back to “classic” for a moment and then delete all the things I want to remove and then bring it back to “next”

Take care!

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Cell shortcuts have not yet been ported to Next. I’ve created a tracking issue:

It would be nice if delete cell shortcut also had an undo.