List of keyboard shortcuts?

This blog post says near the bottom that there is a way to view a list of keyboard shortcuts. I haven’t had any success finding it however. Am I missing something? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you hit the ? key (that’s Shift-/) on a notebook page when you don’t have a cell focused, it’ll bring up the help modal. Alternatively, click on your avatar in the top-right corner of the screen, then click “Help”. You’ll see this:


Windows Key + Alt + Up / Down, to move the current cell in Windows 10

Is there a way to delete a cell?

Shift and click on arrows, I would love a hotkey to delete a cell

In Linux, I’ve tried all key combinations of (Alt+Ctrl+Super+Shift) + Up / Down.
But none of them could move the current cell.
Currently, I’m doing copy/past to move cells, there is another way?

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when you aren’t in a cell (cell is collapsed), press ? to get a list of shortcuts. :slight_smile: (sorry, I’m silly, this is just up the page, see my next comment).

I just noticed you are on linux. I’d be interested to know if the help matches the system. It does tend to switch when it notices you are on a Mac vs Windows, but I don’t know about linux. On a mac the move up down is option-command-up (or option-command-down). So alt-super-up or alt-super-down would be my guess for linux. You do have to be in the cell (cell expanded, cursor in the cell).

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On Linux / Firefox, two items show “Cmd” - whatever that means:
|Alt-Cmd-Up||Move the current cell up.|
|Alt-Cmd-Down||Move the current cell down.|

Also, the help box is not scrollable, hiding some of it on the shorter screens (or when zoomed in a bit)

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I can’t manage to move cells around. After a short investigation I noticed that it worked on Chrome but not on Firefox. I believe it is because Firefox has a special selection mode in textboxes relying on they alt key, cf screenshot below


Shows that the cursor is then modified in order to allow for geometrical (well at least a rectangle) selection of editable text.

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alt-super-up and alt-super-down worked to move cells.

Proof that I’ve not tried all key combinations (shame on me)

This will probably need another revision, alas keybindings are a minefield.

The command key:

  • ‘Cmd’ on Windows is “the Windows logo key” or the “Windows key”, or the “Start key”, or the “Flag key” depending on who you ask. It’s the key to the left of Alt.
  • ‘Cmd’ on Linux is the “Super” key, which, physically, will have a Windows logo or a ⌘ printed on it, or something else if you have a fancy mechanical keyboard.

We’ll probably tweak the documentation to refer to these with their platform-specific names rather than just ‘Command’. As far as the choice: the Windows key is apparently a bit unusual, but on the other hand, many keybindings are already taken, so we’re just happy to find something that’s (mostly) not resulting in conflicts with other apps.

So far I’m not able to replicate any difference between Firefox & Chrome for the Alt-Cmd-↑ commands - works in both browsers, in Chrome 66 and Firefox 59 on macOS. I’ll test on a Windows box when I have access to one again.

‘Alt’-‘Super’-Up/Down is taken by KDE (on linux) to switch windows, by default. So any other way to rearrange cells would be great. (Perhaps there is one, I just got started).

The perhaps the most natural gesture would be just dragging cells up and down in the editor, perhaps by dragging the ‘#’ link symbol.

had suggested dragging earlier this year and there was an indication that work was started ?

How do I comment lines on LInux/Firefox w/ German keyboard?

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The keybinding for commenting lines, on Linux, is Ctrl-/. I don’t have a physical German keyboard with me, but judging by the T1 and T2 layouts I can find online, you’d hit Strg-Shift-7 (or Ctrl, instead of Strg, if that key is untranslated, like on a MacBook’s German layout).

Thx, Tom. Unfortunately this trick doesn’t work. It seems pressing ‘shift’ trips the key detector looking for ‘ctrl’ and NOT ‘shift’. Any chance to toggle keyboard somehow?

Could you try ctrl+ ß key, or perhaps some variant of that?

I don’t have a German keyboard (nor am I on linux), but if I change my keyboard layout to German on my macbook, +- seems to work (and it gives the same keyCodes as / of “191”). “-” is the key two to the left of “delete / backspace” on my US keyboard, thus ß is my guess after staring at this picture from wikipedia of the German keyboard layout.

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Strangely, ctrl+ß does same thing as shift+tab. I really wish I could console-hack the key map.