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List of keyboard shortcuts?


Here is the Big List of Keyboard Shortcuts:

I’ve probably missed a few things in different operating systems and locales—please let me know and I’ll make corrections.


We’ve just deployed some improvements to our keyboard shortcuts.

  1. On non-macOS platforms, the commands for moving a cell are now Control-Shift-Up and Control-Shift-Down. On mac, they are still Option-Command-Up ⌥⌘↑ and Option-Command-Down ⌥⌘↓, respectively.

  2. On macOS, we disabled several non-standard commands that were in CodeMirror’s defaults. Option-B ⌥B, Option-F ⌥F, Option-D ⌥D now insert a ∫, ƒ and ∂, respectively. Also disabled: Command-D ⌘D (used by some browsers to create a bookmark), Command-U ⌘U, and Shift-Command-U ⇧⌘U.

TIL you can edit one notebook from multiple tabs/windows at once to create split-screen set-ups