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List of keyboard shortcuts?


Here is the Big List of Keyboard Shortcuts:

I’ve probably missed a few things in different operating systems and locales—please let me know and I’ll make corrections.


We’ve just deployed some improvements to our keyboard shortcuts.

  1. On non-macOS platforms, the commands for moving a cell are now Control-Shift-Up and Control-Shift-Down. On mac, they are still Option-Command-Up ⌥⌘↑ and Option-Command-Down ⌥⌘↓, respectively.

  2. On macOS, we disabled several non-standard commands that were in CodeMirror’s defaults. Option-B ⌥B, Option-F ⌥F, Option-D ⌥D now insert a ∫, ƒ and ∂, respectively. Also disabled: Command-D ⌘D (used by some browsers to create a bookmark), Command-U ⌘U, and Shift-Command-U ⇧⌘U.

TIL you can edit one notebook from multiple tabs/windows at once to create split-screen set-ups

Apologies if this has already been discussed elsewhere (perhaps someone can point me to the right place :grimacing:) but one keyboard shortcut that I think would be really useful is to create a new cell. Is there a standard workflow that people follow? I love Observable so far but I find that I do have to switch to using the mouse to click on the + icons when I want to insert a new cell underneath the current one…
Thank you! :pray:


You can use the “split cell” keyboard shortcut (alt-enter) at either the top or the bottom of the cell to create a new cell above or below, respectively. Note that when you create a new cell above the current cell this way, you have to press the up arrow to move the cursor into it, but if you create it below, your cursor starts out in the new cell automatically.

This is in some sense inverse to the fact that the “merge cell” key can be used to delete cells.


You can use Option-Shift-Return (macOS) or Alt-Shift-Enter to split a cell and focus the one before it, per our keyboard shortcuts.

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Any keyboard shortcut to go fullscreen?