How to undo delete or combine cells?

I find it very unintuitive that there isn’t a way to undo actions outside of the current cell.

For example, if I select all cells with shift + a and hit d by mistake (or if I merge them), they all get deleted and the only way to recover them is to:

  • click the 3 dots icon
  • View history
  • choose the previous version
  • click the 3 dots icon again
  • Revert to version 234 (or some other number)


In our current implementation, each cell has its own undo/redo history, which you can rewind and fast forward independently, and asynchronously relative to one another, by focusing different cells. There is no “global” undo/redo stack.

But we would very much like to improve this (hopefully also without losing the ability to undo within a specific cell in isolation). It’s on the list!


I added a Github feature request for this: