No possibility to delete a cell

Yep! See the hotkey-to-delete-a-cell conversation for more information - right now there are a few ways to delete/merge a cell, but we’re always thinking about ways to make them more intuitive.

Alt+Backspace solved the problem. This will merge the current cell with that above one.

Update! Cells now have a delete button:



a small issue: on pinned cells this menu stays open and hides the bottom right of the inspector

for example with it hides the legend

The controls are only visible if the cell is focused. (In your screenshot, the cell is both pinned and focused.) You can blur the cell with the Escape key or by clicking outside the cell focusing another cell and the controls will hide.

Oops sorry you’re right — I need more coffee!

Nope, one has to actively focus another cell. Just clicking outside has no effect.

Nope, it’s enough to unfocus with ESC, although, as you’ve already pointed out, the cursor position is thereby lost.

I was explicitely quoting Mike’s statement that you can click outside a cell to blur. I wasn’t talking about hotkeys. :wink:

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I totally get that. Just wanted to avoid that anybody who’s not reading the fine print would misunderstand :innocent:

Just a thought… Now you have the tab - is it worth moving the ‘play arrow’ up next to the Delete & Move tabs so all the icons are together.
Just an idea.