Rethink position of delete / move icons

Both the delete and move action icons are great additions. I’m not a fan of their placement though, as they overlay the cell output:

Please consider putting them somewhere else (e.g. beside the pin) or only showing them on mouseover. Otherwise users would have to add extra padding to the output of pinned cells whenever the whole area of the output is important.

They are only visible when the cell is focused; See No possibility to delete a cell. Unfocus the cell and they’re gone, even if the cell is pinned.

Unfocus the cell and they’re gone, even if the cell is pinned.

Unfocusing the cell interrupts the development flow, because even with escape the editor focus and cursor position is lost. Right now I’d have to proxy the cell output to a different cell to work around that.

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Thanks for the feedback. We’re thinking about further improvements here.

Wait, you need to see live updates to the entire area of the output during the time while you are actively typing in the box?

FWIW, I think the current position is great.

As an alternative to “proxying the cell output to a different cell”, you might consider opening up two windows and using one for editing and the other for viewing output. Add /safe to the URL of the first window and you will see all the cells editable and all the output suppressed. Any changes you make in the first window will be immediately applied to the other.

No, I need to see them while having the editor focused, especially when I tweak parameters or code for generative output.

I’m aware that there are workarounds. My argument is that workarounds should not be required, the edit-feedback loop should not be broken by the UI. Or to phrase it more dramatically: The cell output area should be “sacred”, and not covered by editor elements at any point.

Edit: One way I can think of would be to “inline” a toolbar at the top of the active editor. This has the benefit of reserving space for later additions (although the expected “jump” of the code caused by the insertion may be a bit confusing). The execute (play) button could be placed in there as well.

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If you’ve got a relatively wide monitor, befitting a browser window wider than 1110px, then as of now you can luxuriate with offset, non-overlapping delete and move buttons: