Idea for moving code above cell content

Hey folks,

In previous threads its been asked about options for changing whether code appears before or after the cell content:

I understand this has been discussed greatly by design team about how a user preference could create conflict with the design intention of the notebook authors. However, could it perhaps be a control for notebook authors themselves when they pin a cell open that they can pin it open either below (default) or above (a new option)? This would mean that each author could decide how to show it, and a user can always manually “un-pin” as they wish or “pin-reverse” any cell in any notebook.

You could even experiment with different pin options, like pin-left or pin-right of the cell for a side-by-side view of content. Maybe even something like “pin-float” that makes the cell code editor live “above” the notebook content and be draggable in the nearby html… but maybe some of that is getting a bit extreme :laughing:

But basically, I think “pin direction” or “pin style” could be a further cell option explored in the future and it looks like an easy enough itch to scratch for people.



You may want to create an issue in the feedback repo, otherwise this suggestion will likely get lost.

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Thanks for the tip will add this later!