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Pin a cell to top of page

At a certain point notebooks can become long and it becomes unwieldy to drag sets of cells near the frame that is being rendered.

I would like to pin the cell that is rendering what I care about to the top so I can keep it in view and make edits, run them and see the changes without scrolling, often losing my place, and likely missing an aspect of the redraw that will help me debug.

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Hi, thank you for the feedback! Would you please create an issue this in our feedback repository so it isn’t lost? You can find the public repository here: GitHub - observablehq/feedback: Customer submitted bugs and feature requests

UPDATE: it looks like this feature request is already in the forum, so no additional action needed! Pin a cell to top of page so you can see results of edits when editing cells far up/down page. · Issue #265 · observablehq/feedback · GitHub

Thanks again for your feedback.

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