Reporting small issues

There’s too much “Recent activity”, which is distracting:

  • “likes” have the same priority as forks, edits, publishes… could this be configurable so that it gets out of the way? (either by grouping likes or just ignoring them altogether)

  • when forking, it seems we get two activities: “you forked A”, and “you created B”
    (and it is a bit redundant at times with the “Continue editing…” panel).

The “Continue editing…” panel is for me the most useful; and I wish it had more entries (as well as thumbnails).

I don’t get used to “Download tarball”: the (intended?) usage seems to be to right-click on it to copy a link ; also I’m not sure many users will have an idea of what a tarball is. Maybe this could be clumped together with “download code”, via a new download page allowing to select a format, that would also display useful information & links.