comments don't appear in recent activity

Hi Observable Team:

I just left a comment on a notebook, and came back to my home page expecting to see that activity in my ‘recent activity’ log - and yet it was absent :frowning:


Please make it possible to see suggestions in recent activity so that it’s easier to find them. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


This issue could use a response from the team. Currently I have to keep my email notifications around just for the link to the comment, so that I can respond at a later point.

Edit: At the risk of blurring the original request, I’m referring to comments on notebooks that I’m subscribed to (i.e., have actively subscribed to or commented on at least once). Since there is no explicit reply mechanic (yet?), having these comments in the activity feed is essential to keep track of conversations on other notebooks.

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion and for using Observable. We really appreciate it.

Thanks for resurfacing this and for all the notebooks on Observable.