Recommendations for CMS / backend?

Hi all,

I’ve been working for the past few weeks on a data publishing project for my industry (non profit / passion project).

I set up a data visualisation tool (Metabase), a DB, and at the moment am using WordPress for frontend (which really just involves embedding I frames from Metabase).

Down the road I would like to decouple the data sandbox (Metabase) from the frontend - the latter is intended to share data vizes with the general public.

Observable stands out as the best dedicated frontend framework for the latter.

My question is what technologies can be added around it to make punishing data visualisations easier. By that I mean visualisation objects that are presented in the context of blog posts.

I’m reasonable proficient with markdown and static site generators. But for ease of administration some kind of GUI would be highly useful.

TIA for any recommendations!

Observable Framework might be one answer. It is file based and doesn’t have a dedicated UI — to edit the contents you can use a simple text editor, an IDE, an online IDE, or even custom scripts.


Wonderful. Thanks so much!