As we all know, Observable is a great platform for creating 2D graphics to dynamically illustrate data. There area a growing number of tools (like Plot) that make this easier. I’ve just published a collection of 15 notebooks intended to make to generate mathematical graphics in 3D. I hope some folks interested in mathematical and scientific visualization in 3D find this useful!

Here’s the main, organizational notebook:

A few of the fun examples include:


Really cool. I enjoyed the main/organizational notebook, the examples were very clear and well chosen.

I was able to play around with the plot for the saddle function and get some interesting results without any effort. I love that you can simply pass a function of the form (x: number, y:number) => [number, number, number] to createSurface and get a nice looking, and interactive, graph out.

The documentation around show_x3d and create_* functions, although relatively minimal, gave me everything I was looking for on first pass. I was able to find out more about the createSurface function. It was also cool to glance at the other 2 “complicated” create functions.

Keep up the development, the explanation, and the examples. This 3D plotting is really easy to get into, I hope to create something with it.

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@vezwork Thanks so much! I will definitely be developing it more, particularly as I (and maybe others) use it in my own work.