d3.js: How to quickly learn to draw charts with d3

I am new to Observable.
I just want to quickly build a chart.
I have studied d3 documentation and observable examples, but this is too difficult and complicated for me. Is there a complete source code for d3 examples or information on how to draw charts from scratch with d3?
Thank you, kind people.

Hey there,

I wouldn’t suggest starting D3 by writing charts from scratch. The best method for learning is to find examples and repurpose them for your own data. The D3 gallery collection is a good place to start for that. Some of the easier examples to learn would be line chart, scatterplot and bar chart.

I recently ran a course on Introduction to D3 that might be interesting for you. Each session is about an hour, so its on the longer side, but it will cover all the fundamentals you need to be able to write D3 code.

Hope that helps!

Okay, thank you for your help. I would like to know if there is a text version that covers all the basic knowledge required to write D3 code?

Hi Moon,
Just going back to what you said at the beginning… If you want to quickly build a chart, I would highly suggest not using D3, but rather using Observable Plot, which is based on D3, but makes building charts much simpler.

Check out this site:

Thank you for your answer, but the zoom function I want is not available on Observable Plot.