Observable Framework: open existing project


This might be a stupid question but, how do I open an existing framework project and edit it? For example, I have copied the source code for the mortgage-rates example from the official documentation in my Desktop. The project path is: C:\Users\EMy\Desktop\mortgage-rates Now, how do I open this project from the terminal and work with it?

I know how to create a new framework project, using instructions at: Getting started | Observable Framework How do I proceed if I want to come back to this project a couple of days later and update stuff?

Also, in an existing project, how do I update to the latest version of Framework, e.g. v1.9.0?

Have you copied from this directory?

Then you can go into the project and run

yarn // install
yarn dev // run the preview server
yarn build // build the static site
yarn upgrade // upgrade all dependencies (incl. framework)

Yes, I copied from the link you mention. When I run yarn, I get this:

I have never used yarn before. Instead, I have used npm to initiate framework projects.

the equivalent commands in npm are (I think):

npm install
npm run dev
npm run build
npm upgrade
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I managed to do the first 2 steps by using:
npm install
npm run dev

For the other two, from what I see, the npm equivalents are (?):
npm run build
npm update

Ha, you beat me by a couple of seconds in this :smiley: