Observable Framework in-browser development starter kits (Node, Python)

Hi all! The Observable Framework release sure is exciting. But… don’t you just miss the ease and simplicity of creating a notebook right inside your browser without the setup hassle?

I know I do. Which is why I’ve created a couple of devcontainers that can be used with Github Codespaces to start using Observable Framework right inside your browser.

Usage instructions are available on the respective repository pages:

I will try and include some more base images (R, Julia, C++) in the future.


So, this allows for python (and all else…) to run on the browser? I made some change in the python code and all changes are shown in the dashboard, live. Looks very nice!

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A remote machine hosted by GitHub, but accessibility wise, yes!

If/once StackBlitz bumps their ‘webcontainer’ Node engine to version >20, I’ll try and make it work there also. vscode.dev might be another candidate.

As a side note, devcontainers can also be used to setup a local development environment in VScode on your own machine.

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