How to use the latest Framework


My question is how to use the latest Framework whose latest PR enables smooth use of P5 inside Framework only hours ago. I have downloaded the Framework repo but no idea how to use it.

Thanks to the help from @Fil and @mbostock , I am able to use P5.js inside Observable Framework as if it is in its native global mode!

However, in order to use the latest update of Framework as @mbostock pushed hours ago, I tried npm install on my current project, but it won’t get the latest std lib where the changes for P5.js happened.

how can I update my project’s Framework for the latest PR pushed hours ago?

Thank you so much!

Thank you for the enthusiastic feedback! If you are feeling impatient, you should be able to edit your project’s package.json file, and in dependencies, where it says “@observablehq/framework: 1”, indicate the following instead:

    "@observablehq/framework": "",

Then run yarn (or npm install). This will download and install the code from the PR and allow you to test it. You’ll be living on the edge! Please report any incongruity.

The new code will be available more generally after the PR is approved and merged, and a new version is released (see previous releases). (You will then have to edit package.json back to its previous state, then run yarn again.)

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Thank you so much for your kind and quick reply! It is very helpful!