Mapping the UK General Election

Perhaps a bit niche, but if anyone is wanting to create maps related to the forthcoming UK General Election, I have a couple of basemap GeoJSONs and election-related data available here along with some Observable Plot examples:


I’ve used the hex cartogram to show the latest predicted change in seats across the UK:


I’ve added some updates to the page to explore the latest MRP models that attempt to map opinion poll results to constituency outcomes.

It is striking how different the models can be in turning opinion polls into likely outcomes. It’s also a visualization design challenge to show the nature of those differences.

One approach is to show juxtaposed result maps (they show both the most likely outcome in each constituency as well as the likelihood of that outcome):

But I also wanted to show where those differences were the greatest. I had several failed attempts at effective designs, and this is what I am currently using, with a simple customised semicircle mark for Observable Plot.

But I’m sure there must be better ways of showing this. Suggestions welcome!