Linking between notebooks

I like the way the introduction notebooks link to each other and provide a way to navigate between notebooks.

This is a feature I would like to be able to use to help viewers navigate between related notebooks. Is there a way for me to add that to my notebooks?

Will there be a way for users to do that?

Hey Jose!

I assume you’re referring to the collection navigation at the bottom of the page? It’s possible to link between notebooks within the notebook, and now to do so with relative links (check it out in the latest changelog, but right now collections are admin-only, because we want to make sure that we really nail the concept before rolling it out to all people on the site - there’s nothing worse than spending time learning a feature and then the thing changing/getting removed.

But yep - for now, linking between notebooks should work just like any other links, and in the future, we’ll be working on better ways to publish related content.

Thanks, Tom,

I was referring to collections. I really appreciate the platform and I’m glad to be able to work with it. I look forward to seeing new things come up every day.