Site Bug: Collection Navigation fails when a notebook is part of more than one collection

love all your work.

Minor Bug:
the nice “collection navigation” feature at the bottom of the notebooks seems to only display at most one collection. e.g @mbostock/d3-bubble-map is a member of two collections but only “Visualisation” is shown, not “Maps”

User Story:
I was browsing through the “collections” Visualisation etc. Browsing through the “maps” collection using the “next” link at the bottom of the page gets to @mbostock/d3-bubble-map which is also in the “Visualisation” collection; only the “Visualisation” collection is shown at the bottom.

go to the maps collection page and click on the next notebook in the collection ( to continue.


Hey Woody,

Thanks for the report! Yep, the collection navigation is currently designed with the assumption that notebooks belong to one collection, and Pierce Quincuncial is the exception to that rule. I guess it was a cool enough map projection that it deserved to be featured twice.

We’re planning a refresh of collections along with some tools for explorability, and at that point we’ll make sure to fix this quirk.