Embed a Collection?

Is it possible to embed a collection (thumbnails) in a notebook, so it is automatically updated?

I would like to achieve something like this: https://observablehq.com/@d3/gallery but instead of hard coding all the notebook references, specify a single Collection reference.

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Hi @austingoudge! Unfortunately no, embedding collections is not something we currently support.

However, one could build a hacky workaround using our internal API - whipped up a little example here. It will only work for public collections, and the API isn’t intended to be used that way so we can’t guarantee its stability - but hopefully this might be helpful for your use case.

In any case we’ll take this into account as a feature we might want to support down the line. Thanks a lot for raising the question, and let me know if you have any questions about the hacky example!


And if you don’t feel like theming, here are some helpers to render notebook thumbnails from an API response (or completely custom):

(Note that they currently mimic an older Observable style.)

Edit: Applied to Anjana’s notebook the result would look like this:


Thank you both, that’s an excellent hack. It will work very well until embedding collections is natively supported.

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Hi everyone! Is there any update to this feature request? We’d like to do the same thing…

(and also, a lot of ppl have bookmarked Austin’s workaround notebook Gallery / D3 / Observable)

@terezaif did a live one using fetchp (and it’s awesome!)

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