Handy Embed Notebook problem

For starter I used the notebook

Unpublished handy notebook

Then I ran

And the following is the embed code which does not properly display chart1 and chart5 and renders with black background

Below the embed code.

I get a feeling I am not including all the necessary pieces? I clicked on some of the check buttons but not getting issue resolved.

I think the notebook has to be shared or published for the embed to work. Alternatively, you can make an api key and use that to embed a private notebook.

Which notebook, the original COVID is published and public unless I am mistaken?

Can you edit your original post to include a code block? There might be some clues there but I can’t see the code because it’s being treated as HTML.

Thanx for the help, try again see if you can see the code

I still can’t see it unfortunately

Ok then I do not know what I am doing wrong, thanx please do not waste your time.

If you’d like for others to be able to see your unpublished notebook, you’ll need to either “publish” it or “share” it. You’ve published some notebooks before so I guess you know how to do that. You can also “share” notebooks. This is like a lower level version of publishing that makes the notebook public but doesn’t give it a permanent name, doesn’t get pushed to the front page, and doesn’t appear on your public profile. To do so, simply press the three dot menu in the upper right of your window. You should see something that looks like the following:

Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 2.08.57 PM

Now, just select “Enable link sharing”. You might need to update the link in this topic as well.

Thanx, I am still lost with the setup here, the names are familiar but the functionality is slightly different and I am vrooming thru this to a finish line, so if you see any improvements let me know.

I will assign another kid from our programmers to do this very sooon.


I published the notebook and shared link and the categories for STEP 2 vanish!

Please use this in the submit button


Please click on

viewof selectedState
viewof selectedDate