iframe no longer available when embedding

I have been using the Embed option with iframes from Observable (which is beautifully implemented on observablehq). That option suddenly became unavailable to me yesterday. The option is there, but greyed out and not selectable. I can still choose the other Embed options (Runtime with Javascript and React).
Anyone knows what may have happened?

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Yes, I see the same thing:

Of course, the embed link has a simple structure, so it’s easy to roll your own:


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Thanks, let’s hope that this gets fixed soon since it is really very convenient.
I assume this in on the radar of the good people at observablehq. But can I report it somewhere?

The official spot would be the GitHub issues page but, yeah, I would think this would be pretty high priority and must’ve resulted from a recent update. I’d be surprised if it’s not fixed soon.

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I’ve sent a message here to Wayne Sutton, just in case.

This is a bug and we’re fixing it!


Should be fixed now — but let us know if not!


works now! thanks for the prompt fix!

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Our pleasure, thanks for alerting us!!

(Btw, the error originally arose from a kinda unrelated bug while trying to clarify that you can’t embed private notebooks, unless you use an API key with a runtime/react embed, which doesn’t work with the iframe embed. Always interested in feedback on that stuff too!)