How can i remove the Observable Logo

Hello , I have a notebook i want to embed into another site but without the Observable’s Logo and footer .

Is it possible ?


You cannot remove the logo when embedding an iFrame. You can remove the the logo when embedding using the “Runtime with Javascript” option. More generally, you have a lot more control when embedding this way.


Hello, do you have an example or how this should be done in JS ?

If you’ve got to the point to where you embed an iFrame, then you must’ve seen a dialog that looks something like so:

Simply use the menu to select “Runtime with Javascript” as shown in the image. That will give you some HTML code including a script tag that can be placed in any webpage. For example, the image refers to this notebook, which is embedded in this web page.

This all assumes that you have a web space and know raw HTML well enough to place that code into a page on that web space. This might or might not work for a more controlled environment like a Wordpress site.

Most of this is pretty well described in the documentation, particularly the Introduction to Embedding and the Advanced Embedding and Downloading notebooks.

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Thanks for answering, @mcmcclur! Well said.

And thanks for asking, @mariamatef. I worked on this feature and we do often hear requests like yours for “plain” / “bare” iframe embeds, without the border / logo / title / author stuff. If you’d like, you could add an issue to our Feedback repo requesting that feature. (I’d do it myself but we try to keep that repo as purely the voice of the community, not employees like me.)


Here is how I do it