Embed not refreshing?


I’m having an issue with embedding with the “Runtime with JavaScript” option.

Here is what I tried:

I published a test page (all the cells), and then listed that page, and then clicked embed, and copied the Runtime with Javascript code. I could see the contents show up in 3 different places. 1: Squarespace Website; 2: Codepen Sketch; 3: local website running a node server. That part is good.

However, if I update the Observable page, the embeds do not update to the latest published version.
What I expect to see the latest version of the Observable page after updating it and waiting the 30s.

A documentation page states:

“By default, the embed code loads the latest published version of the notebook. When you publish a new version of the notebook on Observable, your embedded cells will update immediately (or at least, within 30 seconds).”

Am I just missing something simple? I copied the provided code verbatim.

Thanks in advance!

No sooner than I posted this question, things started working for me! I’m new to the platform so I’m not sure what the difference was. I didn’t make any changes, so maybe the cache was stuck? I’ll post back if I learn anything.