Embedding notebook with specific version doesn't work

I want to embed this notebook in version @3409, which is currently the latest, and it seems on Observable everything is fine: https://observablehq.com/embed/@frederikho/interactive-lda-plot@3409?cells=removeAll%2CdisplaySettings%2CldaPlot%2CvSliderLabels%2Cviewof+sliders

However, pasting that URL to embed.ly, it fails to load it: Embed Code Generator | Embedly

When I remove the version and give it to embed.ly, it works:

That should be the same version, though. So how can I embed a plot from a particular version?

I was able to embed the specific version of your notebook in an iframe inside of a notebook (how meta).


Perhaps the problem is with Embedly? What does that service add above simply using the iframe that Observable provides?

I want to embed the plot in a Medium article, they use Embedly.

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Medium article after the notebook failed to load?

I certainly can:

As mentioned before, Medium uses Embed.ly and as you can also verify by clicking on the link posted above the embed there doesn’t work neither:

It just fails a little differently.

Apologies, I missed the link.

It seems to me that Embed.ly fails to recognize the version suffix. I’ll try to find out if this is something on Embed.ly’s end or if we need to update the provider specification.

Unfortunately for now there doesn’t seem to be any workaround other than forking the notebook at the desired version and embedding that one instead. :pray:

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Great, thanks for investigating this! (From looking at your profile I wasn’t even aware that you are staff)

This should be fixed now. Thanks for raising the issue!

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