Pause editing and embedding

As I understand it, when a cell from a notebook where editing has been paused is embedded, then that cell should appear in the embedding as it does in the paused notebook. The cell should not look as it does in the most recent version. That does not appear to be the case currently, though.

I noticed this when I posted this response to a forum question. If you check the notebook, though, you’ll notice that it’s been paused but the forum displays the most recent version.

Hi Mark,

When I look at the embed in your post, it shows this:

<iframe width="100%" height="476" frameborder="0"

When I go to the notebook (which is paused as you mentioned) and generate the iframe embed code for the chart I see this:

<iframe width="100%" height="476" frameborder="0"

Notice the @paused in the URL… I wonder whether, when you generated the iframe embed code, you may not have been in the paused mode?


Yes, you’re absolutely right! I did not realize I needed to pause live editing prior to attempting to embed. Alternatively, I can use pin to the version “@pause”.


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More specifically, when you embed the notebook, it generates an embed code for whatever view your own. So if you pause the notebook, and then switch to the @latest view, your embeds will generate with @latest.